Arcade bomb


The Arcade Bomb is a highly addictive casino game with a simple claim to fame; the name speaks for itself. I first came across the Arcade bomb while visiting Toronto a few years ago. The Arcade bomb is a simple slot that have what's called an Adjacent Pay-away structure, and as such whenever you do receive matching pay-off reel symbols spinning around in opposition to each other on the screen then you've formed a winning combination. It really is a brilliant concept. You're right up there with the pros when it comes to coin-flipping games. After all isn't that what gambling is all about?

Well of course it is and what makes the Arcade bomb so fun to play is its simplicity. This game can be played with only a basic know-how about casino gaming and a little luck, and there really is no need for any more than that. If you've ever been in a casino before then you should find the style of the game pretty appealing. The reason it appeals to so many people is the simplicity of the gameplay, which is to say that you don't have any complex reels or icons moving about on the screen. It's just you and the reels and they make for a nice simple game to play.

However, that simplicity isn't everything and what it lacks in simplicity it makes up for in sheer addictive fun! Once you start playing the game you immediately begin collecting hit points, which are collected by simply spinning your reels, and then eventually you'll be able to use them on one of the many different available bombs in the game. Once you use a bomb on one of the icons on the reels then it counts as one of your strikes, meaning you add points to your score, and what adds even more fun is that you can collect a combo of bombs. If you collect three bombs then that's three strikes and you gain double the points for using them!

The way I love this part of the game is that I'll wait for the reels to reset before I use them on a bomb, which means that my odds of hitting a combination that will net me some doubles and/or wins are greatly increased. So in my opinion, if you're looking for a good casino game with a little bit of skill involved that's free to play and can end up being addicting, then this is it. The graphics and theme are both very fun to look at and will keep you entertained for a while, even if you're not sure how to play the game. In addition, the money counters are an excellent touch and offer a level of accuracy comparable to the best online slot machines.

Like I mentioned before, there are quite a few versions of the arcade bomb game floating around out there, which is great because each version has something a little unique about it. A couple of my favorites are the Classic version, which is the same game you've probably played hundreds of times over, and the “Pro” version which add a bit of a short cut to the action. As you can probably tell, the differences between the reels are fairly drastic, but which one is best for you should largely be up to you. What I do recommend, however, is that you don't get stuck playing the same reels over again because each one of them offers its own challenges.

That's where the real enjoyment comes in for me, because I can always come back and try to improve on previous runs, and maybe find a new trick or technique to try and make things go my favor. There is also a mode available called “Arcade Revenge” that pits your skills against other players on the Internet, which is great because it gives me a chance to put in the hours necessary to really learn how to beat someone. This mode is great for learning and practicing new techniques, since you'll be matched up against some pretty tough competition. The graphics and style of the game are both very nice as well, which is why I continue to play it. The downside to the game, however, is that there aren't any achievements, so if you really want to go all out, you might consider getting the version with achievements.


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