Dragon & phoenix


Dragon & Phoenix is one of those games that is so incredibly difficult to describe that you really have to read the description and game play descriptions in order to truly get a feel for how it works. It is an online casino game that was designed by Steve Jackson and has pretty much become known as one of the best online slots out there. You can find Dragon & Phoenix in many of the same places as you will find all of the other major online slot games including such casinos as Playakoti, Paradise Gaming, and Ultimate Bet. The reason why this slot machine is so popular stems in large part from its appearance. In the game, you are dealt a seven-suit card layout that depicting mythical creatures from the West and the Orient.

Dragon & Phoenix is a five reel, three-row high-stress, high-speed, jackpot progressive slot game that offers a maximum cash payout of gradient is multiplied by your wager amount. Granted, the payout is huge and certainly warrants some late nights. This is the kind of casino game you want to play when you have time to spend it, but not when you have to do it the next morning. Granted, there is quite a bit of back and forth wagering on this game so it may be best to avoid if you really don't like to bet on the horses.

At the time of this writing, the winnings for Dragon & Phoenix have topped two million dollars! That is because while the payouts are large, the payout percentages are even larger when you take into account the free spins that occur during the actual game. Each time you play this game, you earn credits which then can be used to purchase a variety of symbols which are used to jackpot the winning tickets.

The symbols you need to focus on are the red “X” s that appear across the reels of the machine. These symbols are what the computer will use to calculate your payoff. Focus on these, because they are the heart of the game. They are the source of all the money in the game and the more you bet the more the casino will make off of you.

To get the most from your dragon & Phoenix games, you will want to learn how to play them with the knowledge that they aren't real money games. When you are able to leave the casino with your winnings without investing any actual cash, that is the time that you are in luck. You will want to place your bets accordingly to earn the most money. If you think the reels will fall on your bet, don't place them, but if they will hit the paying button after you bet, then you are in real money winning shape!

Once you learn the symbols that are used to represent the paylines on the reels, you can start using the information to figure out the next number in the sequence. Once you have this figured out, it should be easy to figure out where you need to place your bets. This isn't rocket science. You have read enough books and learned enough formulas to figure it out, so stop wasting your time trying to do it for yourself.


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