The visuals on the Narcos online slot machines are amongst some of the best you'll find on any casino website. The colours are vibrant, the artwork is incredible and the images are true to life. The artwork alone is reason enough to play on the website. The graphics are certainly one of the biggest features of this slot machine.

The animation is second to none too. The symbols used are highly detailed without becoming busy and they all have their own little animation when they're part of a winning streak. They are all so accurate that they could almost replicate the look of an actual skull. Another fantastic element of the animation is the sound. Every hit makes the music hits your ears so it's no wonder that most players enjoy this aspect of the Narcos slots.

The mechanics of playing on this slot machine is extremely well designed too. The mechanics of spinning the reels is one that is difficult to explain and very difficult to replicate on your own. It's almost a simulator like experience as you work your way through all the different reels to reach the winning number. You can't just press the button and have a streak of luck. You have to patiently and slowly work your way through the spins to win big.

This is the same for the bonus rounds too. The bonus rounds of Narcos are designed to bring in more money from players that reach a certain amount of coins on the first two spins. This makes the game both harder and more exciting. The mechanics of how to win are also brilliantly explained. The game isn't a mystery that players need to work their way through to get to the bottom, it's easy to learn and easy to master.

The graphics and sounds of Narcos are well done. There is a wonderful sense of audio and video that comes with playing this particular slot game. The colors and images of the show look extremely lifelike. While playing on the computer screen, there are a nice 3D effect to the visuals on the screen as well as an excellent surround sound feature that lets you feel as if you are really in the midst of all the action.

If you want to play this slot machine the right way, then you have to be sure that you know the ins and outs of this casino game. Know how to play the bonus rounds, the icons that pop up and the coins that change colors. You also need to be familiar with the layout of the screen as you move from one reel to another. These are all elements that will help make sure that you enjoy the best gameplay and the best times at the casino when you are playing on the nickel, dime and pacemaker slots.

Another part of playing the games properly is being able to identify your big wins. This is very easy to do. If you notice that you are close to hitting a jackpot on several machines or you are close to reaching a goal for your money wagered, then stop and notice the icon on the reels. This icon is known as the “jackpot icon”. When this icon appears, the best thing to do is to walk over to that exact same icon on a different reel to complete your winnings. When you do this many times during the course of your playing session, you are sure to notice your big wins.

The three wilds symbols are used on the video slot machines. This is another way that you will be able to identify your big wins. This is a good way to determine what you are actually paying for if you are paying extra for that winnings. As a bonus, if you use the wilds symbols on the icons on the reels, then it is even easier to determine which machine pays more. In the end, if you stick to these three icons, then you should have no problem enjoying your time on the internet slot machine known as Narcos.


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